How to stop ISIS ?

There are two or three ways that you can do to stop ISIS /ISIL islamic State :

  • Push the ARAB send their army to face land combat with ISIS

[humor] Membunuh Lalat ..

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Seorang istri masuk ke dapur dan mendapati suaminya sedang memegang Raket Nyamuk. [humor] Membunuh Lalat Raksasa ..

“Sayang, apa yang sedang kau lakukan?” tanya istri

“Aku sedang berburu Lalat.”

“Sudah berapa ekor yang kau dapat?” lanjut sang istri

“Lima ekor. Yang 3 jantan. Yang 2 betina.”

“Bagaimana kau bisa tau jenis kelamin lalatnya?” tanya si istri kebingungan.

“Gampang, Sayang. Yang 3 hinggap di kaleng bir. Yang 2 hinggap di gagang telpon.” jawab sang suami dengan santainya.

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The Best Deals On A Car Rental of 2014-2019

The Duit

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There are several types of used trucks

There are several types of used trucks such as light trucks, heavy trucks and medium trucks, pick which one is suitable for your business. Trucks are also categorized into some form of some known as Dump Truck, Fire Truck, Tow trucks, Pickup trucks and so on. Choosing the right Used truck will improve your business. Here are some tips you should look at when buying a used truck for sale:

Will Baghdad Fall just like Saigon?

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I read comment here  that US should make enough helicopters available to evacuate US people and diplomats in case the fall of Baghdad to ISIS (ISIL). Well now Baghdad is almost besieged by Islamist Sunni ISIS (ISIL) inside fallujah and Tikrit, Samarra and Dhuluiya, see Bagdhad City War Map here.

These ISIS jihadists may all be a nasty piece of work, and I hate to admit this, but i’m impressed with them. They’re the Islamic jihad equivalent of the NVA soldiers in Vietnam. Their swift push down toward Baghdad, though it has been temporarily halted, reminds me of the NVA’s mini-blitzkrieg that it did before Saigon fell. I hope there are plenty of helicopters ready for the American diplomats and Marines at the embassy. And I wonder how many tons of weapons, ammo, tanks, military vehicles, etc. they have confiscated from the feeing Iraqi soldiers. It’s like…

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