French dish combined with local ingredients Asia

WHAT would happen if the classic French dish combined with local ingredients Asia ? Chef Nicolas Isnard has the answer .

The end of March , Nicolas present as guest chef at Restaurant Lyon , Hotel Mandarin Oriental Jakarta . While in Jakarta , chef of Auberge de la Charme – winning Michelin Star restaurants in France – this will combine rustic flavor of the local production of materials to produce the classic French dish .

” During a visit to a country , I always ask the best local produce what they have to dikreasikan with food that I make . It is interesting for me to cook with a blend of local foodstuffs , “said Nicolas .

On Tuesday ( 03/25/2014 ) , Chef Nicolas presents six classic French dish creations with a varied base material . With the atmosphere of a typical French restaurant accompanied by romantic music , lunch began. Bon appetit !

MANDARIN ORIENTAL JAKARTA ARCHIVES Bouquitiere of Hokkaido Island Sea Scallops with Citrus from Ruby Red and Yellow pomelos la Chef Nicolas Isnard Reduction .
As an appetizer , Nicolas serving scallops ( shellfish ) from Hokkaido , Japan . Hokkaido scallop origin is believed to be one of the best quality in the Asian clam . Shells combined with citrus , vegetables , pieces of pomelo and pomegranate fresh . The result , a dish with pretty colors so fresh flavors served at the dinner table .

” There’s a lot of groceries in this dish . Of course, no fat , no oil , and ultimately produce a mild taste on the tongue , “said Nicolas .

In addition to shells , Nicolas also presents oyster ( oyster ) in the next dish . These oysters are from Mont Saint Michel , a small island that lies northwest region of France . For dressing , combine it with vichysoisse , soup made ​​from potatoes , and sturia caviar – fish eggs – which brought directly from France .

Eating a classic French dish is certainly not complete without menyicipi foie gras ( read : fou gra ) phenomenal worldwide famous . The food is made ​​from goose liver . This time , the goose liver Nicolas brought directly from farms in Perigord , France . Nicolas even combine the delicious foie gras with carrot from the Puncak area , West Java . Carrots are also given a touch of sour taste of vinegar .

MANDARIN ORIENTAL JAKARTA ARCHIVES Perigord Fields Farm ‘s Moulard Duck Foie Gras with Heirloom Carrots from Puncak West Java la Chef Nicolas Isnard .
Switching from the delicious foie gras , it’s time to taste black angus imported from farms in Nebraska . Black angus served medium rare with a level of maturity that includes the original flavor of the meat . Nicolas presenting with gnocchis – a paste made from potatoes , kabocha squash – typical Japanese pumpkin , watercress , and black truffle which is kind of rare and expensive mushrooms in the world .

Then also served classic French onion soup . Onion soup with strong taste is the result of re- interpretation of the classic soup Nicolas over the French style . He combines ingredients such as fried onions , potatoes , and bread – rotian typical French . Use of fried onions produce savory flavors in this soup .

In conclusion , present matcha green tea blended with chocolate and passion fruit complement the typical classic French culinary experience . ” I like when the sweetness of chocolate combined with the sour taste of passion fruit in this dish , ” said Nicolas .

To enjoy a classic French dish a la Chef Nicolas , you can visit the restaurant Lyon on 27 to March 29, 2014 . For the lunch menu , you can get two to four dishes for Rp 228,000 to Rp 688,000 . Source:

For the degustation menu , available at a price of Rp 1.188 million for the six dishes . As for the chef’s table is available at a price of Rp 2.588 million with a minimum number of four people . Nicolas also will hold a cooking demonstration on March 29, 2014 at a price of USD 588 000 . Interested?


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