educational materials to the formulation of the right character

Observers Education Institute of Technology Bandung ( ITB ) , Iwan Pranoto deliver , the government should provide educational materials to the formulation of the right character . According to him , government and educators present material do not get stuck on character education merely as a science and then forgetting to emphasize the substance to be implemented in everyday life .

” So I say should not be a subject , later finished only a science, but it’s not , ” said Iwan to on Monday ( 09/24/2012 ) .

If understanding misses , continued Iwan , the submission will also be imprecise . Finally , character education is considered as a subject , tested , and all vying to get a high score .

” Do not like it . Never tested , and not just get high scores but there is no guarantee of the students working on the exam without cheating . More precisely if tucking charge of education in all subjects , ” he concluded .

The addition of the charge on character education and nationality became one of the main focus in the new national curriculum . Currently , the new curriculum was evaluated and examined more thoroughly tested prior to the public in December 2012 – January 2013 .

The plan , in February next year, the new curriculum will be completed ripened , and entered into force in February 2013 at all levels of basic education to higher education. Source: Education Business.


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